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18580127_1761399054171034_4896875454654316544_nLet Them Grow Together is a phrase that beautifully describes the existence of this world and its creatures.  It is about allowing the messiness and goodness of humanity to co-exist. It is his-story , our-story and her-story.  His-tory of how he moulded this world and continues to mend it. Our-story of how we challenge it and continues to change it or how it is changing us. Her-story of how she is fighting to keep us alive and continues the good fight. Truly, let dishonesty grow  with honesty. Let injustice to grow with justice. Let science to grow with religion. Let true intelligence to grow with false intelligence. Let life to grow with death. Let good to grow with evil. Let happiness to grow with sadness. Let Them Grow Together and at the end the good will be separated from the bad.

The purpose of this blog is to explore modern issues and it’s impact on young people.  In this modern age, there are so much issue that affects young people and their relationship with God. Moreover,  combining these issues with trying to find meaning and sense of belonging in this world can be extremely hard. Henceforth, the blog aims to address some of these issues and experiences. The blog will also include travelling plan and locations for those who love to explore nature.

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