We are often in rush for success, marriages, relationships and etc. However, if there is one thing we should learn from nature is that seasons are the essence of our potentials. In saying this, i’m simply saying that there are seasons in different stages of our lives just as there are seasons in the reality world. And, if we are to apply this knowledge to our lives, we must wait!


For beautiful things to be beautiful,

it must come in its time.

And, this is the reason why we have seasons.

Seasons not only prepare our hearts to be able to receive beautiful things so that they may remain beautiful but also so, the beautiful things they themselves  may grow to the beautiful things they are called to be.

Spring !
Summer !
(Australian Winter)



2 thoughts on “Seasons

  1. This is winter thou :), but you right about the seasons. My teacher used to says “John you must learn to survive the winter” I ask why and she said winter comes with lots difficulties but it is the best season to grow if you can learn from the challenging moments in life.

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    1. That’s so true. Winter is difficult but it is a season for growth. I also think ( personal) that God prunes us at this seasons.


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